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Translation services

"TransLingvo" offers its Customers to make use of the translation services in the following fields and industries:

  • Economics (Annual Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Auditor’s Reports, Independent Experts’ Reports, etc.);
  • Jurisprudence (Constituent Documents, Articles of Association, Draft Contracts, Agreements necessary both for natural and legal entities when making business transactions, Judicial Awards etc.);
  • Technical Translations (Technical Specifications, Operating Manuals, Equipment Manufacturing, Machinery, Aircraft Engineering, Automobile Industry, Communicative Technologies, Building Industry etc.);
  • Oil & Gas Industry (Gas Pipeline Systems; Oil Pipelines; Development, Drilling and Construction of Wells, Exploration Works, Geological and Chemical Studies etc.);
  • Medicine (Including Medical Certificates and Reports etc.);
  • Computer Technologies, Transport and Agricultural Industries;

We make high-quality translations covering the following spheres: Public Relations, Advertising (including Advertising Campaigns), Marketing, Merchandising, News, Books, Newspaper Articles, Analytic Surveys by the leading specialists working in Kazakhstan, CIS countries and abroad.

We make translations in compliance with the existing Management Quality Standards including editing the documents after being translated, checking the documents both for orthographic and stylistic mistakes, formatting and layout of the document following the integrity and correctness of numerical and graphical data contained in the document original – all that allows us to meet our Customers’ special needs and demands.

Each Corporate Client may enjoy servicing by our Account Managers coordinating all the issues connecting with the documents to be translated including Corporate Clients’ deadlines and special requirements.

We make translation of documents containing several thousands of pages or even more.